The Shipping Policy


Initiative exercises all possible measures to ensure that any product booked on the website is delivered within 24 to 48 hours from the time of booking of order on the website, subject to the successful realization of payment made against the said Order and availability of the product. While we make reasonable endeavours in ensuring that purchased products are delivered to customers in a timely manner and within the timeline notified to them, we shall not be held responsible for any delay in delivery of products due to the circumstances mentioned below:

  • Logistical issues beyond our control

  • Unsuitable weather conditions

  • Political disruptions, strikes, employee lockouts, etc.

  • Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.

  • Other unforeseeable circumstances.


In order to provide timely delivery of the products purchased by the customers, we will need specific information like name, shipping address, billing address, landmarks, contact details, etc. The customers shall ensure that all information provided by them on the Initiative website is true, complete, accurate and sufficient to identify the actual place of delivery. It is understood that the customer has to bear absolute liability in case of any failure by us in delivering the purchased products due to the customer’s failure to provide correct, complete, sufficient and accurate information at the time of placing the order. It is further clarified that we shall not be liable in any manner and at any point in time due to the customer’s failure to provide correct and complete information.


At present delivery charges are payable as per the location. The customers will be informed about the delivery charges leviable at the time of purchase, however, the charges will be collected in cash at the time of delivery of the products. The Initiative at its discretion can wave off delivery charges in part or full.


Currently, delivers products in Lucknow only. However, you are invited to make purchases on the website from anywhere, ensuring that the Shipping Address is within Lucknow.

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